Enabling progress through process

To create sustainable change, Claviate uses technology to power good, finding opportunities to disrupt, streamline, and accelerate positive impact in the wind industry.

Our technology advances the processes involved in one of the world’s most pressing challenges by combining AI vision with industry know-how to support and optimise the construction of wind turbines.


We support and optimise the construction of wind turbines

Claviate optimises the complex process of setting up wind turbines. Our technology ensures transparency and a better overview between all project partners, resulting in maximum speed, improved collaboration and optimised budgets.

Using cameras and artificial intelligence, Claviate has built a visual data platform that automatically provides wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers with direct insights.

The technology is based on cloud-connected, strategically placed cameras and other sensors that record every single step of the construction process. Claviate’s AI software then collates the numerous data sources and compares them with other relevant data – for example, weather and location. The result is an image-based dataset presented in a video data platform.

This transparent overview of progress for both the OEM and the Developer supports collaboration and enables that all dialogues are based on exactly what happened where and when. Project dialogues can now be taken on fact-based and objective data and the videos ensure that all progress and claims are easily and immediately verifiable by all parties.

Our solution

Fact Based Progress Monitoring

Claviate automatic, transparent and fact-based data enables more efficient processes and unbiased reporting by replacing or supplementing manual ad-hoc reporting with smart (IOT) cameras and AI.

To ensure anonymity, Claviate has devised a special neural network that anonymises people. Automatically and permanently, it deletes any people in an image. The solution is therefore fully GDPR compliant.

Our team

  1. Photo of Kasper Koops Kratmann

    Kasper Koops Kratmann

    CEO, Founder
  2. Photo of Mathias Kaastrup-Olsen

    Mathias Kaastrup-Olsen

  3. Photo of Daniel Gudnason

    Daniel Gudnason

    Data Scientist, PhD
  4. Photo of Emil Hilmer Haugstrup

    Emil Hilmer Haugstrup

    Data Scientist, MSc
  5. Photo of Hao-Yu Chien

    Hao-Yu Chien

    Taiwan Branch Manager
  6. Photo of Andrea Coletta

    Andrea Coletta

    Data Scientist, PhD
  7. Photo of Mikkel Thingholm

    Mikkel Thingholm

    Data Scientist, MSc
  8. Photo of Thomas Holst Ulriksen

    Thomas Holst Ulriksen

    Electrical Engineer, BSc
  9. Photo of Ting-Yan Chiou

    Ting-Yan Chiou

    Junior Software Engineer
  10. Photo of Efraín Sotelo Ferry

    Efraín Sotelo Ferry

    Backend Engineer
  11. Photo of Asger Norskov Bak

    Asger Norskov Bak

    Frontend Engineer
  12. Photo of Tzu-Yun Lee

    Tzu-Yun Lee

    Data Analyst
  13. Photo of Stine Derdau Sørensen

    Stine Derdau Sørensen

    Data Delivery Lead
  14. Photo of Thomas Bové Christensen

    Thomas Bové Christensen

    Junior Software Engineer